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Byepix Star Systems is Loading

Byepix is a Galactic Star System that hosts 9 planets on the Metaverse. The pioneers have discovered that these 9 planets are all suitable for life, and as if they were learning from the mistakes made on Earth, they preferred to distribute all the facts and systems to the planets in this star system instead of a single planet with insufficient infrastructure; and therefore have turned these planets into places for people to have fun, earn money, do tasks; in short, accomplish more than whatever they do on Earth.











Discover Byepix Mission 

This planet contains information that answers all the questions in your mind about the system's functioning.

The inhabitants of the star system actively use this planet for swaps, ICOs, stakes, and other financial transactions. The planet is mostly rocky and mountainous, so it is rich in EPIX ore.

People will play a farming game on Farming Planet and get financial returns. As you do farming operations, you can find various rewards buried in these fields.

People will build their dream homes on Life Planet, participate in activities, know the unlimited item designs, and enjoy living.

This planet is the 4th planet of the system, cold and entirely mechanical. You can find all kinds of luck games and enjoy winning while having fun here!

Consider a planet covered by a dome where creativity meets no boundaries. This unique place will bring out the artist inside you and boost your creativity!

This planet is for communication among Byepix Star System citizens. Citizens will congregate on this planet to talk, learn, and have fun. It also contains DAO mechanisms.

Where you can earn money by completing tasks. Our importance on our community and our efforts to grow it and accelerate the Byepix network's growth inspired it.

Game Planet is a planet that is entirely about gaming. A visitor to this planet will be able to see the endless contents of the Byepix Game Planet and will have a great time.